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Click and collect from selected location on designated date. Triploid (non spawning oysters) suitable in summer months when water warmer. 


bulk orders of unshucked Gazander Oysters (minumum 20 dozen orders) packed in convenient box for domestic fridge.

Oysters will be packed in multiples of 4 dozen in boxes in poly liner and ice gel pack for keeping oyster chilled.

Please bring along chiller bag, esky, car fridge or similar to transport your oysters safely

Bulk orders of Triploid Gazander Oysters 20+ dozen

Sales Tax Included
  • Oyster Care

    It is important for best food safety to refrigerate your oysters as soon as possible at an optimum temperature of 5 degrees for best product results and safety. Best consumed within 7-10 days. Discard any open or smelly items. Can be frozen for up to 3 months at your own risk (see manufacturers specs for more detail on this). Best stored with lids up in containers especially if defrosting to retain liquids.

    We highly recommend enjoying with a Beer, bubbles or similar.

    Check out our social media for shucking and serving suggestions.

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