MISFITS - is a limited stock of oysters that don't fit the hospitality shape or 'mould'. Misfits are all shape and sizes, not quite 'normal' but who is?  Shapes often 'crooked or 'long'. Depsite their  shape they are great oysters inside. Will contain a approx. 5 dozen. (numbers can vary between 4-7 dozen depending on size). Oyster meat still at high quality standard.  Not to be repeated often special offer. 

MISFITS -Not your 'Normal' shaped oysters - 1 x bucket full. approx 5 dozen

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  • We suggest refrigerating your oysters as soon as possible at an optimum temperature of 5 degrees for best product results and safety. Best consumed within 7-10 days. Discard any open or smelly items. Can be frozen for up to 3 months. Best stored with lids up in containers especially if defrosting to retain liquids.


    We recommend serving with Glass of Bubble or a icy cold beer. 

    Please enjoy. 

  • Please email us with any concerns with product quality at info@gzanderoysters. com.au immediately.